U.S. retirement assets reach $23 trillion — ICI

Total U.S. retirement assets were $23 trillion as of ended Dec. 31, up 5% from three months earlier, according to the Investment Company Institute, which publishes quarterly retirement asset data.

Overview of Pinnacle Careers 

Compensation Trends in the Investment Management Marketplace

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Pinnacle Careers is a distinctive boutique executive search firm that focuses exclusively on the investment management industry. Our partnership has the benefits of flexibility, agility and responsiveness and removes all of the bureaucracy associated with working with the large executive search firms.  

Our team has over 100+ years of experience, so we recognize that each client possesses unique human capital needs. Our team is singularly committed to the long-term success of our clients by find the optimal candidates that are the appropriate blend of cultural fit and competency.

There is an art and a science to finding the right investment professionals, particularly in light of the fluid landscape of the investment management industry. Pinnacle Careers is a boutique executive search firm can help you build the optimal, customized, human capital development program as we deliver numerous advantages over the large, bulge bracket search firms.

Advantage #1: Continuity and Consistency of Search Process

We are owner operated, which offers greater continuity that a large “headhunter” factory approach.

Advantage #2: Agility and Flexibility

Since a boutique firm is smaller, we have the agility and flexibility to make quick decisions, that larger search firms do not because they are encumbered by layers of management and bureaucracy.

Advantage #3: Customized Service

As a boutique executive search firm, we are built to serve a few important clients. Our company's IT system, culture and service model are designed to meet the needs of highly demanding clients. Conversely, many large executive recruiters who offer numerous services treat their clients as “just a rounding error” if the recruiter is not conducting massive build out or assisting with a corporate re-organization/restructuring.

Advantage #4: Relationship Based on Trust

Boutique recruiters tend to treasure their relationship with clients, as the account means more to them than it does the large recruiters. Many boutique executive recruiters aim to cultivate strong relationships with their clients, where selling a search becomes secondary to maintaining long-term relationship.

Advantage #5: Lower Fees

Because boutique firms have lower overhead, less administration, and less bureaucracy than bulge bracket recruiters, we typically can offer competitive fees. Not only do clients get a higher level of service and competency, it also costs less.